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    Here you can upload your own design. Configure the size you want and select your product. The reproducible maximum size is automatically calculated and displayed to you then. Filequalitiy: JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF upload your motiv
    Here you will find high resolution photographs, which were specifically for the use of print on demand products developed and produced. Search of Our extensive image database for matching motifs from Berlin wallpaper. The motifs are ordered according to image groups and collections. You can choose from more than 20 000 photographs and patterns see more !
    New designs, new developments and projects. Find out more in our blog what develops in Berlin wallpaper and changes. Also to be found at see more
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    Get your quote here!
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  • Products
    An overview of the printing products of Berlintapete produced with NONWOVEN. Already 1 million pixels are enough to provide 1 square meter high-quality digital printing. On request we produce in other materials. more....
  • Paint & Luxury Wallpaper
    Inspired by fashion and the latest trends, we show you here the latest designs and wallpaper highlights. Apart from its own creations Berlintapete presented in collaboration with AS Création well-known fashion and lifestyle brands from top designers - choose from 120 collections with over 6000 different designs from our range of classic wallpaper. more
  • Digital Premium Wallpaper
    We manufacture CE-approved non-woven wallpaper in high-end printing quality and the optimal gegenwertig paper qualities. The inks are solvent-free and conform to the European standards for VOC object A + guidelines and the SBI fire protection standards for the public space. more....
    The offer for resellers is intended for dealers, who would like to offer and market wallpapers by Berlintapete or of their own on their websites or in their stores. more...
  • Scottland by Julian Calverley
    Beautiful scenery pictures by photographer Julian Calverley we show in a new collection in our landscapes. Artificial Beauty masterfully photographed by an expert in the UK. more....
  • Matterhorn
    The Big Rock - the MATTERHORN! The largest cairn in the Alps now also available as a monumental photo wallpaper for fans of upscale alpinism. It is a landmark and the most photographed tourist attraction for Switzerland. The mountain is in the Pennine Alps from Zermatt to Breuil-Cervinia. more....
  • concrete look
    Uncompromising wallpaper in concrete look for different requirements and applications. Choose from over 90 different designs. Concrete is trendy. With the concrete wallpapers from Berlin wallpaper to the urban charm of concrete can now take her home. more
  • Brett Weston - photographier
    Weston's earliest images from the 1920s reflect his intuitive sophisticated sense of abstraction. He often flattened the plane, engaging in layered space, an artistic style more commonly seen among the Abstract Expressionists and more modern painters like David Hockney than other photographers. more....
    Berlintapete presented in cooperation with RASCH-TEXTILE the book "Elements". The distribution of this book takes RASCH-TEXTILE. Contact: (0049) 05461 8130 Preview
  • Voucher
    Purchase a gift voucher. You will reveive the voucher send in an envelope or as PDF-file via email. The voucher code can be cashed in in the shopping cart. Voucher
  • Rainforest
    New Collection in the forest theme. Rainforest designs are excellently suited for use in stores, hotels or Designeinrichtungen.Der jungle walls can appear more detailed and realistic than they are. That comes from green plants. Casual chic for the digital wall design professionals on premium wallpaper. more
  • Stone Art
    Nature still creates the most surprising works of art. In ground and polarized minerals from around the world to find incredible colors and shapes. As art on the wall, or on Aludibond film at Berlin wallpaper available now! more

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